Our team seamlessly integrates with yours. This allows you to minimize operational costs while enjoying all the benefits of a fully staffed team.

All resources are combined into a blended rate. Get the tech experts you need without paying the full price associated with them.

The team will include all of the executives, engineers, project managers, SMEs, and healthcare experts needed to support your mission.



We offer a range of leadership roles to augment your teams and create a roadmap and budget for strategy, implementation, and execution.

These roles include: vCTO, vCIO, vCISO, vCOO, and vCDIO (virtual Chief Digital Innovation Officer).


Our teams include HITRUST and HIPAA experts. Penetration testing and identifying vulnerabilities are where we excel. We use this information as part of strategy definition, a gap analysis and technology roadmap.

IT Technology Assessment

By analyzing your compute, storage, network, and security infrastructure, we identify process and technology gaps to aid in roadmap and budget creation.

We use this to assist in implementation of best practices according to industry standards and our combined experience.

Project Management Office

We work closely with your team to execute the roadmap and strategy defined above through the lifecycle of the project.

Applications & Business Processes

By understanding your business and applications, NetraVine is able to align business and technology goals.