Virtual CTO Advisory

Franklin Primary Health Center

Franklin Primary Health Center is a critical component of the healthcare safety net that provides quality healthcare for those who are uninsured and under-served. Franklin determined they needed a thorough review and refresh of their IT processes and systems. So they sought out NetraVine to assist in expanding and reinforcing the IT department within the organization. NetraVine provided vCTO leadership, project management, networking, cloud storage, security, and computer engineers to execute the customer's roadmap built during the assessment phase of the project. In conjunction with the Franklin Primary Team, NetraVine developed a comprehensive 5-phase roadmap and budget for implementation.

Team as a Service


The Institute for Family Health (IFH) is committed to high-quality, affordable health care for all. IFH strives for excellence at each of their 29 practices, while accepting all patients regardless of their ability to pay. They offer primary care, mental health, dental care, social work and many other services to patients of all ages.

NetraVine has deployed our Team as a Service offering to augment the IFH IT team with Cisco security, networking, Wi-Fi, Cisco Meraki remote teleworker solution.  We are currently in the process of deploying Cisco's Webex Calling.  IFH takes advantage of our Cisco certified engineers and voice experts on a daily basis!

Architecture for Delivering EPIC Applications



OCHIN is a non-profit healthcare innovation center designed to provide knowledge solutions that promote quality, affordable healthcare for all. NetraVine helped create and migrate the OCHIN infrastructure from a shared services - L2 network to a L3 MPLS network with QoS - complete circuit and path diversity, integration with a Disaster Recovery (DR) facility, and provides monthly staffing services. 

Highly Available, Lightning Fast Convergence

Language Link


Language Link provides translation and interpretation services across the globe for critical, real-time 911 calls. They engaged NetraVine to help design and implement a 3 node data center between Portland, Oregon,  Vancouver, Washington and Seattle, Washington, that was previously connected via 10Gbps WAVE service.  Additionally, NetraVine engineered a 100% provider and path diverse BGP internet access design that seamlessly fails over between their two core data centers.  When it came to architecture in their corporate office, where many translators work, NetraVine designed and implemented two availability zones so that in the event of a set of switches failing, our customer would not lose all of their agents. The network converges in milliseconds if any link should fail, ensuring high availability from anywhere.

Turn-Key Cisco Meraki

Wellhaven PetHealth

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Wellhaven reached out to NetraVine to design an infrastructure that provided access to their 100% cloud based set of applications. NetraVine's recommendation was to go with Cisco Meraki. Once we received the green light, our team of experts designed the architecture,  quoted and sold them the hardware and software, performed installation and created installation guides, and are continuously providing support to Wellhaven for a 100% turn-key solution.