Adopting an EHR integrated call center will increase call quality scores, improve your patient experience, and upgrade agent satisfaction and retention rates.

Inbound calls can be pre-screened to help with caller identification through less mouse clicks and personalized customer service.

With a single click, your call center agents can call a patient, eliminating the chances of a misdial and improving workflows.


Reduce Patient Wait Times

A highly skilled call center team will field inbound patient calls using standardized workflows. Patients will have quick access to the information they need from a live agent.

Centralized Call Flow

Improve your patient satisfaction by making sure they receive the most accurate information every time.

Improved Patient Care

Patients who can speak directly with their care team have better health outcomes. Synchronizing your EHR with your telephone system means your team always has access to the most current health information.

Call Processing

Our Hosted Telephony solutions replace your on-premise (and potentially outdated) phone systems.